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Residential Real Estate Transactions: Purchase, Sale Or Refinance

When you are involved in a real estate transaction, whether it is a purchase, sale or refinance, you want to be sure it is handled with professionalism and with as little stress as possible. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller or obtaining a refinance, The Arquette Law Firm, PLLC, works hard to make sure that your interests are protected and your needs are met.

We represent buyers, sellers and refinancers with a low flat fee that is not payable until the closing. Often, our fee can be paid from the proceeds at the closing. We handle closings throughout the capital district.

Our services include reviewing the contract, negotiating personal property that is to be included or excluded from the sale, reviewing inspection reports and negotiating inspection issues that may arise, negotiating and clearing title, reviewing the mortgage commitment, all document preparation in anticipation of the closing, and representation at the closing. Let us ease your worries and guide you through the process.

Feel free to contact our office to learn more about how we can make your transaction go forward as smoothly as possible.

Arquette Law Firm, PLLC